Sunday, January 1, 2012

End of one journey and start of another...

Today is the final day to submit graduate thesis in the graduate office. After submitting this, the formalities of all the graduation is finished. I need to wait to get convocation day to get the degree. I am really happy that I have finished the student life. Actually, it is not the end of student life, but it is the starting point of another learning period, which is as same as student life. There are also several exams and fear to fail, joy to pass, and many occasions of happy and sad.

I met a MS student (정정은), who was really happy after submitting his graduate thesis. Then, I realized that Oh, I have also finished my study today!! Because of the similar workload as before, I didn't actually realized before. Many things are going simultaneously. I need to submit a journal paper after revision, one paper is accepted the day before yesterday, need to revise and submit camera ready version. We are organizing a special session, I need to manage everything, from CFP to paper allocation to the reviewers and result. I have to prepare a paper for the conference as well. Because of all these work load, I felt the same as it was before. Not only that, I have additional work loads now. I have to prepare for the next semester's classes. I have to help my wife with the baby, she wants to study.

Anyways, there is a kind of excitement inside me. I am waiting for the convocation day. My mom is coming, she was also desperately waiting for my graduation. She might have prey her god countless times, wishing my successful graduation. Also, my wish to be with her and to show her the place I lived more than 8 years, may come true at that time. My father in heaven may be happy seeing this from the heaven. My family members already wished me congratulations.

I need to send an email to everybody, who have helped me in this journey. Many people contributed. It was a very very long journey, almost impossible without the help of those kind people. Some helped financially, some morally. Although, those are the irreplaceable contributions, I cannot forget their contributions in entire my life. Nevertheless, I cannot write all the people here, however, some of the great contributors in my life are Late Shree Gopal Prasad Joshi, Ms. Dhan Kumari Joshi, Ms. Dibeshwori Joshi, Ms. Bisheshwori Upreti, Mr. Rabindranath Banarji, Mr. Naveen Shrestha, Mr. Sachchidananda Joshi, Mr. Chandra Prasad Joshi (uncle), Mr. Luxman Giri, Mr. Sambhu Rai, Mr. Prem Raj Joshi, Ms. Pratima Joshi, Mr. Ganesh Prasad Joshi, Ms. Srijana Joshi, Madhusudan Joshi, Janardan joshi, Sheela Upreti, Hari Prasad Joshi, I don't remember the name, but two persons (one is the owner of the restaurant and another is a owner of the electronic repair center) from Gatter Kailash, Jamrudpur, Delhi, India. Some inspirers are Mr. Shankar Chaudhary, Mr. Tek Raj Ojha, Mr. Luxman Giri, Prof. Sasidhar Ram Joshi, Ms. Gita Joshi (Bhandari), Mr. Janak Raj Pant, Korea Research Foundetion (KRF), ITSP (IT Scholarship Program) by IITA, Mr. Gopal Tandukar, Mr. Surj Man Singh, Prof. CW Lee, Prof. SW Kim, nec (Nepal Engineering College), KDBC, KEC, MFCI, then Deparment of Land Revenue, Ministry of Land Information and Communication, LISP, Rajendra Rajopadhaya, MCRPEC University, Ajou University, Yeungnam University, LBEF, Chirayu Joshi, friends and family members...

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