Monday, October 3, 2011

eLong: An example of a good professionalism in the customer service!!

I traveled to China last month, 2011-9-22 ~ 2011-9-27. I booked a room via eLong. One of my Chinese friends recommended this site to me to book the room. Since, I was traveling to small city (NOT really small though, but not like Beijing or Shanghai either), I prepared everything from map from airport to the hotel.

One PhD student who was also came to attend the same conference WiCOM 2011, helped me to get the hotel. When I arrived at hotel counter, the receptionist told me that they didn't get any email (or booking information) from eLong. Since, they couldn't speak in English, it was really hard time to communicate with them. Anyhow I contacted my friend in another city and he talked with the ladies in the hotel. They provided me another room.
After I get into my room, I wrote a complain to eLong customer service. They prompt reply me. They also tried to contact me via. phone, however the phone in the room was broken. So, I couldn't contact via. phone.
After several email, they told me that they gonna reimburse the amount I paid more for the room. Actually, I booked the hotel 2 months before through and got the room in discount rate. I paid 198 CNY, but I have booked in 138 CNY.
I gave my friend's a/c number in China to get the money. They send the money after few days.
I don't know, what's there problem and why can't they provide the room when I arrived on time in the hotel. But, I appreciate the professionalism they showed.
They promptly took action, they email reply was really quick and even they called hotel management and me (although, I couldn't received the call).
I wrote this appreciation letter to

Hi eLong!!

I received the reimbursed amount 240CNY.
I found a good professionalism in the customer service that I admire and respect.
I was really pleased with the very quick customer service.
I'll certainly recommend eLong to my colleagues and friends.
Good luck with the future of your company.

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