Wednesday, September 14, 2011

superimposing characters: How to write p-hat, n-hat, u-hat etc.

Today I was looking for a n hat, but there is no such symbol in any font. Actually I was using Ms-word 2003. I know it's old version, but many journal still request to submit article in .Doc format. Their tempeletes are in .Doc format. There might be another reason for asking in .Doc format, i.e. OpenOffice in Linux supports old .xls and .doc file. Anyways, after googling for few minutes, I found this very useful link.

Sometimes, both characters combined, so we have to raise a character by certain points. For this reason, manually typing is better than doing from menu.
Here is the tips:
Press Ctrl + F9, you can see 2 braces.
Type the following inside the braces:
EQ \o(n,^)
Select what you typed, press Shift+F9 to switch between display of field codes and field results. It's fine if it looks good. If it combines (not in the top), then press Shift+F9 again. Select ^ and go to Format>>Fonts>>Character Spacing>>Position and select Raised.
Now, if you see the field result, it looks nice.

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