Monday, March 14, 2016

Creating website easy way! For non programers!!

I will update it soon......!

Some questions.
Q#1. I have no idea about php, jsp, HTML etc. Can I develop my own website?
Answer: Yes

Register domain and get webspace from Godaddy or Hostgator. 
Go to control panel and install .... . 
Install wordpress. 
Install Wordpress Responsive Theme. 
Customize it. 

How to?

How to change Home Widgets (Home Widget 1, Home Widget 2, Home Widget 3)?

How to change Tagline ("Just another Wordpress site")?
Admin area -> Settings -> General -> Tagline

How to replace footer with image?
Appearance>>Widgets>>Colophone Widget>> Write text (or,give the link of image).

How to turn off Main sidebar items, e.g. "Recent Posts", "Search", "Meta" etc. 
Go to dashboard->Appearance->Widgets. 
Drag the "Recent Posts" from the right side to the "Inactive Widgets" area to the left.
How to change background color?
Go to them Theam option and click on colors.

How to fix "Adobe Photoshop Error: "Adobe Photoshop Couldn't Complete Your Request Because Of A Probel Parsing The JPEG Data"?
Just open in Ms-Paint and save it. Now it works.

How to remove date in every posts. 

1. install "Simple Custom CSS"
2. Paste following

.entry-date {display: none;}

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