Saturday, February 22, 2014

Think positive! We can't live a positive life with a negative mind. Nepali MRP follow up.

Last couple of days, following piece of shit is very popular among Nepalese in Korea in social networks.
Because, I have visited Nepalese embassy in Korea few weeks ago. Coincidentally, after I wrote my last blog related to MRP for Nepalese. As my experience, I am writing here for those, who wants to know. 

Photo: From Facebook, I don't know who created this. 

Regarding photo issue:
Nepali embassy in Korea accepts application on behalf of Dept. of Passport (DOP) Nepal ( and suggests exact photo size and style. If it’s similar to the mentioned by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), then they do not object. If your photo is not matched, then DOP does not issue the passport. Obviously, applicant may suffer. I submitted photo taken in front of our university. Here is the photo template: 

Somebody (I think some Nepali) is giving photo service near Nepali embassy and it makes easier for applicants to get service. Actually, there is no any other photo studio around Nepali embassy.

Who will suffer, if there is no photo studio that gives in the same price as other Korean photo studios? Obviously, we Nepalese. It's not easy to somebody to find photo studio, if he/she is new to Korea. 

Regarding form printing issue:
Read this link carefully . It’s clearly written in Nepali that “विवरण भरेपछि सिधै प्रिन्ट नगर्नुहोला Also, there are instructions how to print it. In my experience, if you follow those instructions, then your form will be accepted without doubt.
Your form will be inserted into OCR machine in Nepal and it should be printed in the exact form mentioned. Otherwise, machine cannot read.
Basically, you have to select “Page scaling” to “none” before printing. Generally we don’t do it.
It’s their responsibility to let you know the information.

ATM issue: 
I don't think it's embassy's responsibility to provide ATM facilities in embassy's premises.
There are couple of banks on the walking distance from the embassy. 

About the changes, I have no idea! Because I gave exact amount. 

Think positive! We can't live a positive life with a negative mind. -Unknown

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