Sunday, February 16, 2014

My letter to bicycle thief!

I wrote this letter the after the I lost my bicycle (on 2010-08-19), but I didn't post it anywhere. Today, I am sharing it. 

Dear Thief,

Thank you for stealing my bicycle 3 weeks ago from this parking lot. I am grateful for your action, because when I had the bicycle, I was so lazy to walk on foot even from here to Sampung-dong or to university’s front gate. Now, I need to walk, it’s better for my health. 

However, I feel pity for you because maybe you’re thinking that the bicycle you have stolen is worth 114,000 won. Sorry, it’s not. I bought it in 35,000 won from one of the foreign professor in YU, who paid 114, 000. Now, it’s a third-hand bicycle, please handle with care. It’s a bit old; I used it for 2 years.

Since, you have already stolen my bicycle, I don’t need the keys. I am hanging 2 keys here; please take it, so that you don’t need to buy new lock.

Ride safely! There is no room in the hell. 

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