Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bye bye Gyeongsan per-school (경산 유치원) – So many complains.

Finally, I changed my son’s school.
Yesterday, finally I took my son back to 어린이 칩 (early child education, play group). I was exhausted listening complains about my son every day by his class teachers through my wife. They complain almost every day. He is just 3 years old (born in late 2009). He used to go school at around 10 o’clock and comeback around 6. Yes, he is slightly active, but listens to the elders. He understands Korean.  

Why they used to complain? Here is the reason. According to the school principal one child who came with him after graduating from the same play group, told her mother for some unknown reason that she will not go to the same kindergarten with my son. Her mother called school and ask to the principal of the kindergarten whether my son is in the same class. Once, she knew that my son and her daughter is in the same class she took her daughter to another school. (However, when my wife called that lady for apologies, if she really took her daughter because of my son, she said, that’s not the reason at all. She said, because the number of students in the new school is less she admitted her in that school.)

After this incident, the principal and the class teachers were after my son. Complains were like, he throws toys/chopsticks, he doesn’t know how to use chopsticks, he beats other fellows or sometimes the teacher, he is depressed, and so on. Many times they suggested to give more time to him. In fact, his mother takes care of him after 6 pm to the next morning. I also take him to the playground and for outing timely.

Actually, my wife is a graduate student. She has to work in the lab. Most of the students spend their most of the time in the lab, so she also wanted to be in the lab until 6 pm. But our son’s school asked the department whether there is any class after 5 pm. Yes, officially there may not be any class after 5 pm, but she has a class until 9 pm. Some professor, they change time unofficially. The school wanted to get the stamped document from the school. They also called my son’s previous school and enquire about his behavior.

I wanted to send him in the 유치원 (pre-school) desperately because he used to say, I have already graduated the 어린이 칩 and now I wanna go to 유치원 in Korean (어린이칩 졸업했짢아, 이제 유치원 갈레).

I selected this pre-school because it’s near by my house. But, because they complained so much, finally I changed his school. Now, he is back to the 어린이 칩 again. Anyways, he is happy there. The owner/principal speaks in English, which is a great advantage to my wife. Also, she seems kind and generous. The principal’s son and daughter also study in the same 어린이 칩. They have small playground and whole building used as a 어린이 칩. New 어린이 칩’s van comes in the morning and evening. I asked whether he liked the school, he said that’s fine.

Hope he’ll enjoy his entire year there!!  

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