Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two journals from Academic Journals are removed from the SCIE database.

Two journals from Academic Journals are removed from the ISI database. It's no more SCIE indexed journal.

Today, I checked the Thomson Reuters website. I couldn't find the two journals from in their database. One is International Journal of the Physical Sciences (IJPS) (ISSN 1992-1950) and another is Scientific Research and Essays (SRE) (ISSN 1992- 2248).
Actually, one of my friends in the Electrical Engineering Department recommended me IJPS journal. He had already several papers published in this journal. I checked this journal in the database and found it's a SCIE indexed journal. I submitted my research paper and the paper was accepted and published. Today, somebody called me and informed me that it's not a SCIE indexed. I search the database and it is true.

My bad, the paper I submitted was quite good. Unfortunately, it's not in SCIE indexed journal. Hope it'll come again.

Actually, IJPS was monthly. They started it publishing half monthly and now they publish weekly. May be the manuscript they accept are not quite good. The another reason is, they may publish it for money. Because, there is paper handling fee about $550.
Note: I have written this post long ago (May be late 2011), but forgot to publish. It was in Draft. I just saw it today.

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