Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A tour to Yeosu (여수) and Namhae (남해).

A great culture here in Korea, I like the most, is MT (엠티) in the universities/works/communities/clubs etc. The full form of MT is membership training. Most probably, this is the old culture here to go to MT to become closer to the members in universities' labs/works/communities/clubs. I have been participating in MT every year since I came to Korea. It’s already straight eighth consecutive year.

Big O show (Main attraction of Yeosu Expo 2012)

Although there is no training (literally), every research lab, or club in the school or company organizes this outing called MT. I visited most of the provinces in Korea because of MT programs.

Namhae to Yeosu cruse (night view).

This month, we have been to Yeosu, where an ambitious expo is going on. It’s a good place to visit.

Namhe to Yeosu cruse (day view)

It’s very small area southern part of Korea mainland. This time, we went through Namhae, which is very close to Yeosu. Our intention was to visit both places. So, we went to Name first and went to Yeosu by small cruse.

Amsu stones of Gacheon in Namhae.

Many infrastructures are developed in Yeosu by several big Korean companies, including Samsung, Lotte, Posco etc. We observed there for several hours. At evening we watched the main attraction called big O show and came back to Namhae. Next day we went for sightseeing in Namhae.



Namhae is a great place, mountain starts right after the sea shore. There is a place called German village (독일마울). The houses built there are German style. As I heard from our guide, the returned Korean migrant workers from Germany built the houses there and live there. It’s quiet and calm place.

This is all this year’s MT.

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