Saturday, February 5, 2011

Drink or Not to Drink?

I love drinking. I use to drink once a week. I think, I am not drunkard but sometimes I feel drinking is not good and I should stop it. Drinking is not considered a good habit, I know that. As I live alone, drinking once a week or twice a week in maximum is a means of my social gathering. I socialize with friends in the name of get together. We drink together and have a good time.

I have stone in my right kidney. When I was searching about kidney stone, I found one article by some doctors that published in the Oxford Journal. The article "Nutrient Intake and Use of Beverages and the Risk of Kidney Stones among Male Smokers" was published in 1999. The authors of this article found that intake of fiber is directly associated with the risk of kidney stones. However, calcium intake is not associated with the risk of kidney stones and beer consumption is inversely associated with risk of kidney stones. Each bottle of beer consumed per day was estimated to reduce risk by 40% . This study was done for 5 years on Finnish male aged 50–69 years who were initially free of kidney stones.

Although, it was found that beer reduce risk by 40%, I have already stone and the stone is in lower part of the kidney. It's very difficult to pass by urine. Today I read an article in about alcohol and liver disease. It describes how much drink is OK for wo/men.

I am not sure whether I am addict or not, but I feel to drink in every weekend. Mostly, I drink beer or whiskey. I drink around 750 ml ~1.5 liter beer most of the times.

Actually, I love drinking, I don't wanna stop it. My better half has also no problem with my drinking. Sometimes she encourage to drink and brings beer home to drink. Although, she doesn't drink much, she also enjoy it. But I afraid with my health. So, I am really confuse with it. The biggest confusion now is Drink or Not to Drink?

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