Friday, October 31, 2014

Writing email for the first time to the professor for graduate admission or scholarship Do’s and Don’ts

Many students mistakes sending email to the professor and miss their chance to receive reply from the professor. I will write some tips that may help.

1.       Read the professor’s profile, research interest (and publications, if possible) before sending an email him/her for admission.
2.       Do not forget to include your CV in your email.
3.       Do not expect all reply from all the professors, most of them are very busy and do not have time to reply each letter.
4.       Do not disappoint if you do not get reply.
5.       Do not spam.
6.       Do not send email without contents and just CV.
7.       Do not ask for interview in your email.
8.       Write why you would like to join the professor’s research group.
9.       Do not really need to include reference letter from the professors. Actually, reference letters should be confidential.
10.    Do not need to include all your credentials and certificates.

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