Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some useful commands for linux and simulation

Sometimes, small things takes long time to resolve. Today, I was creating cbr-traffic. Although, I have done this thing several times before, it took me 30 minutes. I forgot how I did before. I just check the readme file and tried to follow but it didn't work. I didn't check the ~/indep-utils/cmu-scen-gen/cbrgen.tcl file. Thanks, ns-miling list, I found the answer. It's because of the rate_ should be in float.

Rate in this is a bit confusing. But, if we check the cbrgen.tcl, it's clear.

Anyways, the command should be like:

ns cbrgen.tcl -type cbr -nn 30 -seed 29 -mc 8 -rate 100.0 > cbr-x-x.tcl

A very good article about the setdest and traffic generation is here:

Few useful commands in Linux:

To find particular type of file in current folder and subfolders:

$find ./ -name


find ./ -name delay.txt

To delete particular type of file from folders and subfolders: 

$ find ./ -name delay.awk -exec rm {} \;

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